Laser Soldering

We have many years experience in the field of laser soldering, whether with one laser source, six laser sources or with the newly developed laser soldering head with eleven laser sources. With the newly developed laser soldering tool instead of using one laser beam, soldering is carried out using six or eleven laser beams coming from different directions. Thereby radiation intensity of potential burns is reduced by a sixth or eleventh.

With the LLW03 laser soldering tool single laser beams can now be optimally aligned with the geometry of the joint to be soldered. All six lenses are fed from separate laser sources that have a maximum output of 10 Watt. Altogether the laser output for soldering is 60 Watt. These laser sources have a tenfold longer life span than previously used high performance diode modules, thereby considerably reducing the operating costs. Through the use of two separate soldering wires the problem of flux disruption is essentially solved.


Process Workflow