Welcome to Wolf Produktionssysteme GmbH. Our company specializes in the manufacture of special machine engineering in the areas of laser soldering and automatic assembly. We already have numerous clients who are car industry suppliers and electronic technology companies. We would also like to convince you of our machines and assembly facilities for application in various areas. This includes welding synthetics and laser marking as well as laser soldering, induction soldering, piston soldering and further technical soldering procedures.

Soldering Technology

Precision Laser Soldering, Piston Soldering, Selective Soldering, as well as Induction Soldering Techniques.

Whether laser soldering with one or six laser sources, automatic piston soldering, HF induction soldering, cam/dip soldering or selective soldering with a miniwave, we offer an effective, well-proven soldering technology of first class quality. The application area of our soldering technology is versatile. With this technology automatic assembly lines for vehicle lighting units using laser soldering, electronic components using piston soldering and many more automatic and semi-automatic assembly lines are produced. The soldering technology is also applied in printed circuit board equipping. Depending on the profile requirements, miniwave or cam/dip soldering are suitable process to solder PCBs.


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Laser Processing

Exact Welding of Synthetics, Effective Laser Marking, etc.

We offer, not only in soldering technology but also in the area of laser processing, an extensive range of machines - with regard to modern welding of synthetics distinguished by small welding zones as well as by low energy consumption. Further to the above-mentioned welding of synthetics we cover the areas of labeling and depanellization as well, offering efficient machines for laser marking of various surfaces and systems for virtually stress free separation of printed circuit boards.


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Assembly process

Our process know-how in special machine construction is based on specialization and the large number of systems we have implemented. Only assembly systems with at least 80% existing process know-how are offered. All machines have a common platform consisting of production modules with a standardized structure, control electronics and pneumatics.
The respective process technology and in particular the feeding technology is sourced from a pool of competent contractual partners.


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