Induction soldering

Induction soldering

The principle of HF-induction heating is that a one or multi-turned coil (inductor) is lived by an alternating current of high frequency.  This inductor builds in its vicinity an alternating electromagnetic field.

If an electric conducting component is brought into this electromagnetic field, then voltage is induced therein, which generates an alternating current.  According to the Joulsche Law, this results in heat being generated in the live surface area of the component.

Practically speaking, an induction system works with the same principle as a transformer, in which the inductor is the primary winding and the work piece the single-turn secondary winding.

The advantages of induction soldering are:

Induction soldering is a safe process and a robust soldering method.  However, because of some restrictions its implementation is limited.  For suitable products induction soldering is an “ideal” soldering method due to very good through heating of the solder joint - like the part was heated from its inside.

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